Palisades Quilt

Quilting Time!  This time I worked on a quilt for my 5 year old nephew.  His request was that it have blue, and dinosaurs – specifically a stegosaurus.

The first step was to choose the quilt pattern.  I am a huge Pinterest addict, and through search “Modern Quilt” and variations thereof, found a pin to this website:  I loved the way that she simplified the original  free(!!) pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop (

I used the simplified version and did a workup of what the general pattern would look like in the colours I planned.  Of course, I did change up the colours somewhat (essentially switched the blue and white parts).

Green ended up being the Dinosaur print, blue was actually the light geometric print, and white was the dark blue solid.

The requirement for blue and dinosaurs proved to be surprisingly difficult to deliver.  I wanted the dinosaur fabric to be able to grow with him, so the super cartoon-ish and pre-schooler patterns weren’t going to work.  (Hey, is it so wrong for me to want some time before he’s ready for a new one?)

As I tend to do a fair amount of online pre-shopping, I sometimes find it frustrating that the local quilt and fabric stores do not post their inventory online.  Which inevitably means I wander into US fabric websites.  I really envy those who are able to shop from those sites and qualify for free shipping and don’t feel the sting of currency conversion.  I was able to find a really great smaller fabric shop called “Never Enough Fabric” that had exactly the type of dinosaur print I was looking for.  Even though it was an order across borders, the process what surprisingly pleasant, and Celia was great to order from.

How nice is this pattern?

I took this fabric into a local quilt store and purchased the solid blue and geometric prints to go along with it.

All 3 fabrics together

The total fabric requirements based on the 3 colour version is as follows:

  • Dinosaur Print – 2.75 Yds plus one Fat Quarter (I actually ordered 4 yards so that I could do fussy cutting)
  • Light Colour – 3 Yds
  • Dark Colour – 2 Yds
The centre square. I did a slight fussy cut to ensure the stegosaurus was featured.

With the exception of the centrepiece, all blocks are Brave World Quilt blocks.  To make a Brave World Quilt Block:

Line up one side of a square to a triangle.
Open up the seam and press.
Line up and sew the second triangle to the connecting side of the square.
Press Open.
Half of the block should look like this
Sew, and press open, the other half of the block to the diagonal edge of the previous block.
Once you sew all the blocks together, you will have an almost 3D quilt top.
Pin basting with my helper
The finished product!

I honestly wasn’t sure how this would turn out – I don’t prefer “traditional” looking quilts right now and was worried it would end up that way.  However, I really like it, and would definitely use the pattern again.

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