Pressed Penny Holders

While continuing to prepare for our family trip to a theme park in Southern California, I decided to undertake my next project for the welcome bags.

I’ve always been a fanatic about pressed pennies – starting with my first trip to Hawaii when I was 11 years old.  I’ve amassed a fair collection throughout the years, enough to require me to label them to keep track.

Some from my modest collection.

To share my excitement for pressed pennies with my niece and nephew, I decided to make them holders that would already have the quarters and pennies necessary for them to make their own.  Of course, I decided I would make my own as well.

Supplies used:

  • M&M Minis tube, 1.77 OZ size (2 per holder)
  • Paper or cardboard
  • Tape
  • Avery 8.5×11 Inkjet Shipping Labels
To make 3 penny holders, I needed 6 tubes. Needless to say, it was extremely difficult to suffer through emptying each tube.
One tube will contain the quarters and pennies, and the other will be for the pennies once they are pressed. I took the label off of each tube, folded up paper (or cardboard) to the size needed to keep the tubes perfectly parallel, and taped them together.
Once the tubes are together, I measured the height. The space I wanted to cover came to 5 inches.
To measure the width necessary, I used a ribbon wrapped around the tube.
The length of ribbon measured 6.75 inches.
I used PrintMaster to create an image with those dimensions. I usually would have used Photoshop, but any print editor that lets you set the image size will work.
Penny Rolls-001
Once I created the text and added the images I wanted, I saved the document as a jpg. The black line is the point where the actual size needed hits. I added some space past it so that I could wrap the label around completely.
I printed the images on the full-sheet label paper
What the image looks like after being trimmed to size
The image is slightly shorter than the tubes. This gives me some wiggle room for crooked application.
Once the image has been applied to the tubes. Full wraparound.
And the back
All three penny holders together (names are under the white boxes)

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